Magento Redis Cache – Free Magento Module

Magento Redis Cache – Free Magento Module

As you most probably know, the Magento Team released a few weeks ago a new version, Magento Community . You can read all about the new version here.

Among various fixes and improvements, Magento Community Edition supports Redis out of the box, by including the CM_Cache_Backend_Redis extension by Colin Mollenhour. You can reade more about how to enable and use it here.

We used Magento Redis cacheing before in our Magento projects for different setups. Redis is very fast compared to other key-value storage engines and therefore we used it for the Magento cache and also for storing sessions, as Redis also provides as set of persistence options. You can read more about Magento Redis Cache when we will publish our case study for a certain big project.

One of the issues we had with this implementation was that every time we wanted to clear or Redis servers, we had to ssh to them, connect to the Redis server using the redis-cli tool and issue a FLUSHALL command.

This took us some time and was a very boring process ūüôā

So we decided to write our own extension that would add another Cache Type in the System / Cache Management section of Magento.

To install the extension, go to our dedicated GitHub Repository for our free extensions, switch to MageLine_RedisCache branch and follow the instructions in the file.


First of all, after installing the extension (available soon on Magento Connect), go to System / Permissions / Roles , click on Administrators Role and click Save. After this, go to System / Configuration / MageLine / Redis Cache and enter your Redis Server details (IP, Port).

To flush the cache stored in Redis (config.xml, local.xml and modules configuration files) just select Redis Data Cache and after that select the Refresh action and click Submit.

As simple as that.

This is the first version of our first free, open source magento module/extension. We appreciate your constructive feedback and hope to release more free magento extensions soon.


P.S. As soon as we have some free time, we’ll make all our extensions modman compatible.

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