Why choose Magento

You probably have been hearing the hype about Magento on the Internet since the end of 2007. So have we, and we have followed the hype since the beta release in September 2007; what’s best is that we have made ourselves a professional Magento developers after a year of learning and taming the beast. Simply put, we have learned the craft, and proudly showcase examples of our work on this site.

It all started when a client needed an online store; we sought high and low, from hefty commercial eCommerce packages, hosted shopping cart solutions to open source applications. Finally, we laid our eyes on Magento eCommerce. We were simply sold by these words: “Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce solution offering complete flexibilityand control over the tool, content, and functionality of an online store “.

You see, as a front-end web designer we sometimes do think like a programmer, words like ‘control, ‘flexibility’ and ‘functionality’ evoke the aesthetics and simplicity in us. As a front-end web designer we do great design, build functional and usable layout, write clean CSS/markup and practice Semantic Web–and as the pixel perfect control freaks that we are, we use only tools or software that extend and enhance our craft that delivers results to our clients. We cannot and refuse to put up with any tool that dictates how we should design a layout or restrains our creativity into header, content, and footer sections with no room for flexibility, extendibility and scalability.

Magento offers great potential for us and our clients who need eCommerce solutions, be it a simple store selling greeting cards or a well-established retail store selling a thousand of wireless gadgets. Upon closer inspection of the Magento Template System, we quickly learned that Magento is a great tool that can enhance and extend our craft, and allows us to deliver great result with ROI for clients, at an affordable price and with prompt turnaround.

Imagine, a high quality, professionally done, feature-rich eCommerce site that starts at just a few hundred dollars for a simple store budget that requires no custom module. This is the power of Magento, which allows us to serve you and help you extend your business while we extend ours.